I found this wonderful article on the blog innovators.org.

We all know the value of business-to-business networking groups; they present opportunities to expand your knowledge, learn from the success and failures of others, foster strong relationships, and share your own business experiences.

A networking group, regardless of the size, is only as good as its people. Every member has something valuable to offer: they can empathize, offer advice, and act as a sounding board for ideas.

We have identified three types of people who work together to make networking groups a success:

1. The Connection Maker

This person is the ultimate “people person.” The Connection Maker is often the member of your group who both knows and has a good relationship with just about everyone. They have a way of bringing people together and putting them at ease.

If you’re struggling to start networking strategically, look for the Connection Maker. They will open doors and help you access your peers’ innovative practices, experience, and knowledge.

The Connection Maker is all about making introductions, opening doors, and growing the network.

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