PRO Bylaws

Pro Networking Group is a group of business professionals who are trained, experienced and licensed in their various fields. The membership of Pro Network Group is a professional organization dedicated to the highest of standards of competence and service.  Our main purpose is the sharing of business knowledge and leads.  Members shall maintain the highest professional integrity.  Each business category is represented by one member, which creates clarity of identity, purpose, and responsibility to the entire membership.

1) This club shall be known as PRO Network Group (Professional Referral Organization).

2) Pro Network Group is an organization of business persons dedicated to the ideals of bettering their respective careers through the interchange of social and professional contracts. Each occupational category is represented by one member, which creates clarity of identity, purpose, and responsibility to the entire membership.

3) Each member of the Pro Network Group shall have one vote.

4) If a member misses three meetings in any six week period, a member’s category is open for new candidates and their business category may be replaced by a new member. In the event of a hardship the Leadership Committee may make an exception to the above absent clause.

5) Each member of the Pro Network Group can only belong to one category-exclusive referral group.

6) Path To Membership
a) A prospective member must fill out an application by their second visit with .

b) A prospective member must meet with the Leadership Committee.

The prospective member will also be required to bring two guests to the meeting. (Time frame is designated as within first 12 months of membership start date.)

The Leadership Committee will approve or reject a prospective member by a majority vote of quorum.

7) If two people apply to the same category within a two week interval, the Leadership Committee will vote on which prospective member shall be offered membership.

8) A prospective member’s services and or products will be posted on the prospective member page of our site. If a prospective member and a current member overlap in the services they offer, the current member has the right to reject membership to the prospective member. (Example: A current member who is a real estate agent who sells only residential real estate; the current member has the right to reject membership for the prospective member.)

9) An alternate may represent the member, if that person represents the same company and the company that owns the membership. The alternate must be approved by the Leadership Committee. The alternate cannot hold any office or committee position and has no voting rights. An officer, partner, or stockholder of the company is not automatically considered an alternate until approved by the Leadership Committee.

10) If a member changes the company or category which he represents or owns, The Leadership Committee should have the right to approve or disapprove the new company or category.

11) If the company owns the membership and changes members, the Leadership Committee shall have the right to approve or disapprove the new member and shall advise the company in writing.

12) Any member may resign from Pro Network Group. The resignation must be submitted in writing to the Leadership Committee and shall become effective when accepted by the leadership committee.

13) It is the responsibility of each member, alternate, and guest to purchase breakfast at each meeting. This is the price of membership whether the breakfast is consumed or not. This is each person’s entry fee into the meeting.

14) A member may be terminated, at the discretion of the Leadership Committee for violations of the bylaws and or actions that are unbecoming of a person in good standing in the community. The violations shall be reviewed by the Leadership Committee and a majority vote shall determine the fate of the member in question. The Leadership Committee has the right to terminate a member for any reason it may deem appropriate.

15) This club shall not be used in any way for political purposes nor should it actively participate in the political candidacy of any person or cause.

16) Any amendment to these bylaws may be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active members present at any meeting of Pro Network Group, a quorum, or 50% of the membership being present. Written note of the proposed amendment shall have been given to the entire membership by electronic mail at least two weeks prior to the meeting. There shall be no voting by proxy.

17) Until January 1, 2020, the bylaws can be amended by a majority vote of the leadership committee. After this date, any amendments to the bylaws shall be performed as stated in rule 16.

18) Any business whose products or services are under a business plan of multilevel marketing, consumer direct marketing, or seller assisted marketing shall be limited to a maximum of three members in Pro Network Group.

19) A member may not represent more than one category.

The officers of the Leadership Committee of Pro Network Group shall consist of President, Vice President, Past-President, Education Leader, Party Planer, New Membership, and Designer.